Vampire Facial Treatment In Chandigarh

Vampire Facial

A vampire facial is a facial rejuvenation technique that uses platelet-rich plasma in combination with micro-needling technology. It is an advanced skincare treatment method that utilizes your body’s natural healing and rejuvenating power to provide you an amazing skin radiance and glow. It is called a vampire facial because it involves drawing your blood.

Our blood is made up of four primary components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.

When the platelets in the plasma are concentrated, a magical concoction is prepared which is rich in various healing agents, growth factors, and nutrients. To achieve concentrated levels of platelets in plasma, all four components of your blood are separated, using a centrifuge machine, and platelet-rich plasma is separated.

PRP facial rejuvenation treatment is used to describe any application of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, to benefit the body. In the context of anti-aging, platelet-rich plasma is either injected into your skin at specific depths according to your aesthetic needs, or the “blood” is spread on top of your face during treatment. Eventually, the PRP is absorbed by your skin. This cuts the recovery time from micro-needling down to nothing while speeding along the collagen production process.

Various benefits of a Vampire Facial

1. Increased Collagen Production

After the age of 30 years, our body’s collagen-building capacity starts declining. It continues to drop at a significant rate for the rest of your life unless we intervene somehow to stimulate its production rate. Moreover, the quality of the collagen produced also drops. All of this results in visibly unhealthy, lax , and tired-looking skin.

Whether you’re dismayed by fine lines, moderate wrinkles, or severe folds or you have other visible skin issues, there’s an excellent chance that a vampire facial will enhance the quality of your skin through increased collagen production. Collagen production is stimulated when skin cell trauma occurs. This occurs during a vampire facial when the microneedles penetrate the upper layers of your skin during the micro-needling portion of your treatment.

As soon as your skin is penetrated, existing collagen starts to heal the skin. At the same time, your body starts to grow new, stronger, healthier collagen. This higher-quality collagen takes a couple of weeks to grow. However, you will notice immediate skin tightening. You’ll just notice that the results of your treatment continue to improve for several weeks after treatment.

2. Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles are among the most common reasons people seek a vampire facial. These common signs of aging are treated as cellular turnover is promoted. Old skin cells are recycled and new skin cells, collagen and elastin are formed. Fine lines and wrinkles are eliminated in part as your facial skin tightens naturally in response to the micro-injuries produced by treatment. The appearance of deeper folds is also diminished as hollow areas of your face are plumped up.

As soon as your skin is penetrated, existing collagen starts to heal the skin. At the same time, your body starts to grow new, stronger, healthier collagen. This higher-quality collagen takes a couple of weeks to grow. However, you will notice immediate skin tightening. You’ll just notice that the results of your treatment continue to improve for several weeks after treatment.

3. Tighter, Firmer Skin

As stated previously, collagen is also essential for tight, firm skin. As you age, your skin starts to sag, but wrinkles and lines don’t always form. Facial skin often thins with age, and certain parts of the face, like the lips and cheeks, are likely to become noticeably thin and gaunt. Collagen plumps up the skin. Some people may use a vampire facial to plump up their lips. Others use it to re-contour their cheeks without the need for an invasive medical procedure. Regardless of your skin insecurities, be sure to ask how a vampire facial can help you achieve your ideal aesthetic.

4. Improved Moisture Retention

The stronger and thicker your skin is, the better protected the deeper layers of your skin are from outside irritants. A strong skin barrier also helps to retain moisture. Moreover, it helps to unclog your pores, making your skin more receptive to prescription moisturizers. The effects of a vampire facial on pores are a little confusing because treatment can reduce the appearance of pores. However, you can benefit from the reduced appearance of pores and unclogged pores, making it easier to absorb prescription medications for beauty enhancement.

5. Enhanced Skin Tone and Texture

If you have acne scars, surgical scars, scars from traumatic injury, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and other forms of poor skin tone or texture, you can benefit from a facial enhanced with PRP. With old skin cells giving birth to new, healthy ones, you will be astounded by the mind-blowing improvement in the appearance of your skin just a few short days after one vampire facial.

6. It Doesn’t Hurt

Before your vampire facial begins, your facial skin is gently yet thoroughly cleansed. This ensures there is no dirt, dust, pollen, pollutant, makeup, or any other imperfection on your skin that could cause a negative reaction to treatment. Once your skin care professional has sanitized your face, he will apply a local anaesthetic to the treatment site. Indeed, the thin, delicate skin around your eyes, hairline, and mouth is extremely sensitive. Yet while you may feel the treatment being applied, but you will not feel any pain or discomfort. /p>

Even better, it is perfectly safe for you to take aspirin before or after treatment to mitigate the risk of any post-treatment pain. You can also ice the treatment sites to speed the cellular rejuvenation process.

7. Treatment Is Over Quickly

The PRP process may seem like it would take a while. First, your blood has to be drawn into syringes. Then, it has to be placed into a centrifuge and processed. This processing involves cleaning the blood so it is ready for transfer and injection and separating the components of your blood by mass. It doesn’t take long at all to draw your blood. Then, it only takes three to five minutes to run your blood through the centrifuge. Finally, the therapy itself only takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the size and number of the areas you are trying to treat.

8. Lasting Results

Some anti-aging treatments last only a week or two before you need to receive them again. Contrastingly, you only need to get a vampire facial every year or two to retain your youthful look. Even better, you need fewer treatments with a vampire facial than traditional micro-needling to achieve your ideal aesthetic.

While you may need four 30-minute micro-needling treatments, which each require an additional half-hour of waiting for the anaesthetic to start working, you will only need half the number of treatments to get the same results with a vampire facial.

Skin rejuvenation typically takes four treatments, and each of these treatment sessions needs to be spaced four to eight weeks apart. Acne scars can be healed in two to four treatment sessions.

9. No Downtime Is Required

Just as we all want to look younger and want to avoid looking run-down, we don’t have time to look any less than our best at all times. With traditional micro-needling, you can experience significant redness for five to seven days. With the addition of platelet-rich plasma to your treatment, you can eliminate this downtime. Thanks to PRP, the “micro-injuries” created by the micro-96needling are essentially healed as quickly as they are inflicted