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Skin Specialist Ambala

Skin Specialist Ambala

To keep up with the modern world, we need to maintain our aesthetic appearance. The competition is not just work related but it also means who looks the best. People judge us by our looks and to make sure that we are not falling behind, we have to make sure that our skin is glowing. If there is any blemish then we can be ridiculed which cause a lot of mental pressure. Our daily life may get affected and with direct influence on our productivity. To make sure that you don't go through the same, you need to consult the best skin clinic in Ambala City.

Meet the Best Skin Specialist in Ambala

If you are suffering through any skin problem including acne, pigmentation, excess facial hair , hair fall etc, you can meet the best skin specialist in Ambala at Dr. Naiya Bansal Skin and laser Clinic. We provide an array of skin services at most affordable rates.

Our services in Ambala City

Our services include Laser Treatment for Hair Removal, Laser Toning, Acne & Burn Scar Removal, Birthmark Removal, Mole Removal, skin whitening and radiance treatments and hair transplant etc apart from providing treatment of all kind of skin and hair diseases . You can always consult our specialists for the best skin and cosmetic services in Ambala.

Why Choose Us As The Best Skin Clinic in Ambala?

Dr. Naiya Bansal's skin clinic is an initiative of Dr Naiya Bansal who is a board certified dermatologist with a wide experience in all kinds of clinical dermatology as well as cosmetic and laser procedures. It's a world class set up for all kinds of skin, cosmetology, laser and hair transplant treatments. Cosmetic practice being a very widely and rapidly developing industry has many loopholes into it, varying from malpractices to ineffective treatments to misguidance and overcharging. So keeping these factors in mind we thought of developing a set up where we could provide both clinical and cosmetic dermatology services under one roof only with the best possible outcomes, very genuine advice at reasonable cost to our patients. In our experience we have observed that every patient has a different requirement, a different skin type and thereby different treatment need, so we design our treatments specifically for individual requirements thereby giving customized and personalized attention as well as results. Our treatments will always be aimed at giving best clinical outcomes and not with a motive of only profit generation. Going with this intention we therefore organize a free skin consultation camp every Wednesday at our centre for all poor and needy patients along with dispersal of free medicines. We provide a complete and comprehensive solution to all kinds of skin, nails and hair problems. This is the perfect place for anyone suffering from a skin ailment, for men or women looking to drop years fron their age and look younger, men looking for beard shaping or a hair transplant. Anybody looking for a skin or cosmetic solution for him or herself can please feel free to contact us. We assure highest confidentiality and transparent advice by our expert which would help you take an informed decision. Dr. Naiya Bansal Skin Clinic run by Dr. Naiya Bansal is one of the most reputed skin doctors in Ambala City. Dr. Naiya Bansal has a tremendous practice in the field of Aesthetic Medicines for the last about 9 years. She is skilled in skin, nail and hair diseases , laser treatments and all kind of cosmetic procedures. This skin clinic in Ambala city consists of all the modern equipment that is required in the skin care. In addition, the dermatologists and skin doctors at our clinic are very efficient and cooperating in handling their clients. You can avail treatments for all major skin & hair related issues at Dr. Naiya Bansalís Skin and laser Clinic. We assure you the expert consultancy and an affordable solution to all your skin problems.