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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Chandigarh

Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in Chandigarh

In recent times, tattoos have become the most important fashion statements for urban people, be it men or women, everybody wants to flaunt a tattoo on his or her body. But the more the tattoo making is getting common, so is the desire as well as the need to have a tattoo removal . Nothing can be more stressful than an inappropriate or an embarrassing tattoo . Many treatment modalities have been in practice to get rid of an unwanted tattoo like dermabrasion, TCA cautery, cryosurgery or even a surgical excision. But all of these have never been free of side effects and complications. That’s why laser tattoo removal came into picture with utmost success and least complication rates.

A laser tattoo removal basically leads to fragmentation of the tattoo ink into smaller fragments or particles, small enough to be ingested by body’s own immune /fighter cells thereby cleansing or washing them away by the body’s lymphatic or drainage system. Laser tattoo removal is a sequential procedure requiring multiple sessions at few weeks interval because in one session only few bigger ink particles are fragmented into smaller particles which are subsequently drained by the body . In subsequent sessions, more and more bigger particles are fragmented , thereby needing multiple sessions. The spacing of few weeks interval between the sessions is designed to match with the time taken by the body’s immune response to act and accomplish the elimination of the tattoo ink particles. More frequent sessions would lead to inefficient results and also increase the risk of scarring. At Dr. Naiya Bansal’s skin & laser clinic, utmost care is taken for appropriate patient selection, proper analysis and right guidance so that the patient can have the best results with negligible side effects.

Procedure of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Chandigarh

A laser tattoo removal is a very simple procedure .It generally requires 4 to 5 sessions at a gap of 4-6 weeks. Your dermatologist will assess few parameters about your tattoo like its size, color of the ink, age of the tattoo, area of the body where the tattoo is made etc, and thereafter he or she can decide about the exact number of sessions required and predictable outcome. Generally the blue and black colored tattoos respond best to a laser therapy with removal chances to almost 90 to 100%. Before a procedure, you will be applied a numbing cream for about half an hour on the tattooed area so that the process becomes absolutely pain free This will be followed by laser treatment in which your dermatologist will give multiple passes of laser beams on your tattoo. The procedure is generally painless and comfortable .there may be little swelling and redness around the area for few hours which subside on its own. Each session is followed by a gradual fading off of the tattoo ink leading to a near total tattoo removal within few sessions.

Complications of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

Generally there are no complications of a laser tattoo removal, except in very few cases in which mild scarring or residual pigment changes may be seen. Our results: At Dr. Naiya Bansal’s skin & laser clinic, you can get rid of any kind of tattoo with the best results and no side effects. We have the latest world class Q: SWITCHED, Nd:Yag laser at our centre which is the gold standard for any kind of tattoo removal. Done by the specialist with vast experience, just within a few sessions, you can notice near total removal of your tattoo ink. We provide a highly effective, painless laser tattoo removal service at very affordable price. Dr Naiya Bansal is a vastly trained and experienced laser surgeon with hundreds of laser procedures to her credit till date. So anybody who is looking for a tattoo removal can consult Dr. Naiya Bansal to have an expert advice and best in town laser treatment.