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Hair Transplant(FUE)


Follicular Unit extraction or FUE is a relatively new technique of extracting grafts individually from the scalp. In this type of procedure a small round punch generally less than 1.00 mm in diameter is used to make a small circular incision around the follicular unit. These follicular units are then individually plucked from the scalp. This new procedure negates the need for a linear incision at the back and sides of the scalp with the inevitable scar that is produced.

The extracted follicles are then transplanted into the client's bald or thinning patch on the scalp, or in the pre-planned eyebrow area. FUE is carried out under local anesthesia ensuring full client awareness of what is going on throughout the procedure. Each follicle extracted from the client’s donor area and transplanted into the treated area is perfectly placed to match the hair arrangement, orientation, growth, angle and direction of the rest of the natural hair. All this is done with the utmost care and to the highest degree of client comfort.


The newly transplanted hair into the scalp is immediately visible. However, the hair cycle may involve the falling out of some of the transplanted hairs which then regrow after about 16 weeks. The newly transferred hair grows naturally in its new location for the rest of the person's life. Transferred hair is completely healthy and natural in appearance. Even persons with substantially receding hairlines and bald areas can receive very good coverage with FUE.